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    Post Reks & Hawkins Not Finished with Ryback

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    As seen on SmackDown last night, Ryback picked up a win over Curt Hawkins. It sounds like Hawkins and his partner Tyler Reks aren't finished with Ryback after they commented on Twitter last night.

    Hawkins: "Well that meathead @Ryback22 clearly cheated tonight... Good news is I have an in with the SmackDown GM next week, we go way back."

    Reks: "Think @TheCurtHawkins would be mad if he knew the coin we tossed for the match was rigged? No worries, we're not done with @Ryback22 yet."

    - The WWE crews are off for the 4th of July and Thursday but will return to action on Friday with a live event in Amarillo, Texas. David Otunga noted that he will be in Boston today as his fiancee Jennifer Hudson performs on CBS' "Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular."



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