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    Default Rate Monday Night Raw 06/18/2012

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    Rate Monday Night Raw 06/18/2012

    How Would You Rate Monday Night Raw 06/18/2012 ??

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    I have to give this one 5/5!

    It was all excellent! The matches all kept my attention and the side bits were funny. Liked the ending though it got predictable after Big Show said he wouldnt compete.

    Best moment of the night was AJ!!!!! That was so hilarious watching her skip down and round the ring in the kane outfit! I rofled so hard!

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    It's Clobberin Time

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    3/5. Some really really boring moments and some great moments. Could have been a lot better.

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    It was good at some segments.

    *Opening Segment: Always great to see Foley on programming. This was a solid opening segment. Foley was his usual self aka he was good and got the crowd engaged. Johnny did well selling his anger and frustration and got a lot of heat. This served its purpose well.

    * Punk/Sheamus vs Kane/Bryan: Another good match between these 4 who all have good chemistry with each other. Anyone who saw this match before know that they are in for at least a good TV match. Once again though the story was all about AJ who came out to a surprisingly big pop (at least for a Diva) coming out in a Kane outfit and mask skipping around the ring in what was one of the strangest things I think I've ever seen. AJ keeps getting crazier and wackier by the min and I'm loving it. Who knows whether this is leading to a seperate storyline with Kane and AJ or if this will still take presence in the WWE title situation. The only complaints I have is that this match has been done before in recent memory and I hate the fact that Bryan has been the fall guy these recent weeks. Hopefully this is leading to something.

    *Triple H/Heyman segment: Heyman as usual was gold on the mic and was witty and clever as ever. Loved his role in this trying to manipulate Triple H. Triple H was also solid here and better than his cheesy challenge to Lesnar at No Way Out (I think he said let's fight about 6 times). Anyway, the interaction and chemistry between these two was great and it was a good segment to start the build for Lesnar vs Triple H at SS. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    *Prime Time Players vs Epico and Primo: The match itself wasn't anything special to write was decent. What I like is that the tag team titles and division is gaining more prominence now in WWE. The count out booking here made perfect sense and made AW look like a smart manager and business man whilst leaving us wanting more from this situation. I personally would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a match, but this was done well. This leaves us with a potential future feud between these teams. What I would like is if the PTP won the titles at MITB which leads to a feud between Primo and Epico as faces (along with Rosa) facing PTP for the titles at SS. Kofi can then finally move away from the tag team titles and move into a mid card title feud. I guess that might be a little too much to ask? Who knows.

    What was bad

    * Main Event: Another bad main event. Was obviously Show and Otunga were gonna leave Johnny to Cena and thats what happened. This is what should have happened at OTL which is a month too late. Johnny gets his final beatdown and farewell....why do WWE insist on always having these garbage main events? Ugggh.

    *Cyndi Lauper segment: Ok I get that WWE wants to pay respect to the past people who have helped contribute to their success. But this was just a waste of air and pointless filler. Just awful and Heath Slater's contribution didn't help either. Instead of wasting time with these pointless segments, why not give hometown hero Zack Ryder a match or a segment? Why not focus on your mid card and other young stars? Cyndi could have still been on the show and used in a better capacity than this.

    * Del Rio vs Santino: Short match which made Del Rio look strong. Other than that, this was pretty mediocre and a match with little purpose except for Ricardo to get a little revenge on Santino and after the Tuxedo match...I don't think anyone wants that to continue again.

    *Ziggler vs Swagger: This was a decent match and Ziggler did well to sell the knee throughout the match, made Swagger look strong in defeat and Ziggler look resilient. So why is this in the bad section? Simple: booking. This was a terrible booking decision. No not having Ziggler go over but having Vickie pander to Ziggler kissing him and Ziggler going along with it and pander back...Ziggler should have right there turned Vickie down and said he was better than this, denied Vickie and walked off. You could then have Vickie then for the next 2-3 weeks try and win Ziggler's support back in a number of ways with Ziggler turning them down or Vickie making mistakes costing Ziggler matches....just something that makes Ziggler look strong on his own and also gaining support from fans who have wanted to Ziggler to break away from Vickie for months. Instead, he is made to look weak by staying and pandering trying to impress Vickie. Weak. Its clear fans are now in support of Ziggler and want him to be on top as a hero. Lets just hope long term booking wise WWE knows what they are doing because this Raw's booking was terrible as it did nothing for either Ziggler or Swagger in the long run. Swagger needs Vickie, Ziggler doesn't. So WWE does the complete opposite.

    Overall, Will Give 4 Stars.



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