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    Default Randy Orton injury update

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    WWE star Randy Orton downplayed the injury he suffered at the Smackdown taping on Tuesday. "Hey, remember when I said don't listen to the net?" Orton wrote. "I'm fine. Del Rio's kicks are hard as hell, and I caught one in the neck. Part of the job." Follow him online at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Ahmed Alszher]

    Powell's POV: When Orton was asked whether "the net" meant the WWE website, which posted the story, he said no, then added that he means "every other site that runs the story and adds their 2 cents." I'm not sure what anyone has reported beyond what WWE released on the story. Dot Net staffer Zack Zimmerman was at the show last night and we simply relayed what he observed. The good news is that it appears Orton will be fine based on what he wrote.




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