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    Default Predictions For WWE Slammy Awards 2011

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    Announce Team of the Year: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
    WWE used about ten different combinations of their announcers this year, so I figure that JR and King would qualify since they did call a few matches without Cole throughout the year. It could also serve as part of the Cole vs. JR storyline, as suggested by the OP. I don't think JR and Josh Matthews ever called a match without a third guy in there; otherwise they would be shoe-ins for the win from where I stand.

    "Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year: R-Truth Turns Heel
    This was essentially the definition of a meltdown. Truth lost it because Morrison suckered him into losing his title shot, and he proceeded to do some of the most wacky things ever seen in a heel turn (water bottle attack, blowing smoke all over him). And then after that, he became an even more wacky character, who seemed to have completely gone insane. Not to mention the fact that no one saw it coming.

    Guest Star Shining Moment of the Year: Snooki wins at WrestleMania
    I see this as the only real option because you can't compare a cool moment on a Raw to winning the penultimate match on the biggest show of the year. Snooki performed very well and surprised everyone with her athleticism, and gave me another reason to love her.

    Finishing Move of the Year: Randy Orton's RKO
    It doesn't get much better. It's a move that can come out of nowhere and that put a lot of people down this year, most notably Christian and CM Punk on several occasions each. Even if you don't like Orton, it's hard to hate on this move.

    OMG Moment of the Year: CM Punk Shoot Promo
    I had a feeling that something like this was coming when Punk was talking about being honest, but I had no idea how great it would turn out to be. Everyone watched this promo with their jaws on the floor at what Punk was being allowed to say on WWE programming, and it changed the WWE for the entire summer, with one of the best story arcs that many of us have ever seen. Punk became a star that night, more so than any other night in his career except perhaps Money in the Bank itself.

    WWE Moment of the Year: Christian Wins the World Heavyweight Championship
    This doesn't have a chance in hell of winning this award (it'll probably go to The Rock's return or something like that, which I can't have any qualms about because that was a great moment too). Hell, it didn't even main event the pay-per-view it was on, and the reign lasted all of five/two days. But if you asked me to pinpoint one moment where I expressed sheer joy and emotion as a wrestling fan this year, this would be it. The man worked for seventeen years to get his shot, and while they blew it afterwards, he can ALWAYS call himself a former champion now. And seeing the tears in his eyes, and those in Edge's eyes, I wanted to cry myself. It's hard not to be happy for a guy who watched wrestling with his best buddy since he was a kid, and dreamed about that moment his whole life. And moments like that are a big part of why I love this business so much.

    Extreme Moment of the Year: Randy Orton Beats Cody Rhodes to a Bloody Pulp
    If you want to call something extreme, you give that to a beatdown that was so convincing, it legitimately caused unplanned bloodshed. Of course they did some heavy editing so that Rhodes' blood wasn't really seen, but I can't think of anything that tops that in terms of being "extreme." With that said, I still don't think the lack of blood has hurt anything except maybe the Hell in a Cells.

    Shocker of the Year: Edge Retires
    It has to be, because it was the one thing where no one ever considered it being a remote possibility. No one knew that Edge might retire until they flashed the graphic up on the screen that night, and even then, many people assumed "storyline" right away, and for good reason. It wasn't until Edge started talking about his injuries and how his doctors told him the news that everyone realized that this was the real deal. This man has sacrificed his body for us on so many occasions and I'm so happy that he got out before something happened that could have seriously impacted the rest of his life. He didn't have anything more to prove and he was gonna retire within the next couple of years anyway. It was still sad to see, obviously, but I know we'll remember what Edge gave us for a long time.

    "And I Quote" Line of the Year: The Rock
    "Coming out here with your bright ass purple shirt. Before that, your bright green shirt, before that, your bright orange shirt. Lookin' like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles!"
    Of course I couldn't go this whole post without mentioning The Rock's return. While I obviously dislike the fact that it has led to a huge resurgence of Cena hate after not seeing much of it for a while, I can't lie and say that I didn't laugh out loud at that line when it was said. Arenas have chanted it and it still gets brought up on a regular basis months later, so you have to know that it was a good line just from that. I don't think this should go to a regularly used catchphrase, which is why I'm not giving it to WWWYKI. I think it should be one specific line, and that one sticks out more than any other.

    Breakout Star of the Year: Zack Ryder
    Speaking of the WWWYKI guy, he's done nothing but consistently entertain with his YouTube series, and has finally gotten rewarded for it throughout the last couple of months. Henry is a worthy candidate too, but then again he was around for fifteen years and never did anything to warrant his current push other than WWE having a lack of strong heels. Zack Ryder did it all by himself, and if he ever wins a singles championship (which I think he will), it will only affirm in my mind that he's the winner.

    Couple of the Year: Uh, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.
    Because they're literally the only option, unless I'm forgetting someone. Or can we count Miz and Maryse? Because they would get it in a landslide.

    Tag Team of the Year: Kane and Big Show
    Because they're just awesome as a team. I was gonna give it to Miz and Truth, but it really should go to a team who has held the titles at one point or another. Plus, who doesn't love seeing two giants destroy everybody else?

    Match of the Year: The Undertaker vs. Triple H, WrestleMania XXVII
    There were a lot of contenders for this in yet another great year of wrestling, but ultimately I don't think anything topped this one. Some of the greatest storytelling I've ever seen in a wrestling match, one that proved that Taker can still go and Triple H is still capable of excellent work. There were so many moments that made me gasp in that match, with the Tombstone by Trips being the biggest "It's over." Once again, Undertaker prevailed and showed why he has had such a long and fruitful career. His retirement may be the first one that I legitimately shed waterworks at.

    Diva of the Year: Kelly Kelly
    By default. There's no way you can possibly justify giving it to anyone else. She was pretty much the only diva on the roster to get consistently strong booking throughout the year.

    Superstar of the Year: John Cena
    Now, before everyone criticize me for giving it to cena, and a guy who's already won this award in back-to-back years, let me remind you of something. There were a lot of talked about superstars this year, who either returned to prominence or got there for the first time. Names like The Rock, CM Punk, The Miz, and even R-Truth stand out. But who was the one guy who was there, holding down the fort like always and providing a perfect foil for all these guys? It was Cena. In 2011, he did his thing and once again proved why he is the best in the business today. His run as the top guy of this company seems to have no end in sight, and I know that that fact annoys many people and I'm one of them. but we cant do anything about it wwe decides all this crap about super cena. punk must win the award.

    *these are all personal opinions and not who i think will get the awards.

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    thanks for this info...........

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    Well done. However, Tag Team of the Year could be The Rock and John Cena.. They didn't do well as tag teams, but the match itself was epic though

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    Breakout Star of the Year: Zack Ryder

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    Did You Guys Agree with Superstar of the Year: John Cena...???



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