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    Default My prediction for the main event at TLC

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    For the admin that moved my post, I would rather have my prediction as a thread since I have a thorough explanation

    So as we all know, TLC's main event will feature John Cena vs. Randy Orton for both the WHC and WWE Championship. Triple H has confirmed that there will be one winner at the end of the match, and WWE has been hyping this a lot.

    Now, that just adds to speculation that because of over-hyping that statement, both superstars will end up with titles.

    My prediction is that Cena wins the match. The next night on Raw, The Authority congratulates him. After that, Triple H announces that he doesn't want to unify the titles as of now. So instead HHH declares that since the titles will not be unified yet, Cena will have to fight two matches on a PPV instead of one. One match for each title. It makes sense since Triple H and the Authority are heel, and Cena is Superman.

    So at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, Cena defends his titles in two matches and, of course, wins. Then HHH announces that he wants the titles to be unified at WM, since it will create even bigger history. Cena feuds with someone (Maybe Randy Orton), and at Wrestlemania, the Undisputed Championship debuts.

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    If they do that, I will shoot myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DZSharma View Post
    Cena feuds with someone (Maybe Randy Orton)
    Or maybe, if ya smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!



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