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    Default Please WWE use 3 hour raws for more WRESTLING!

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    Please WWE use 3 hour raws for more WRESTLING!

    I really hope they use this extra hour of Raw for more actual wrestling. give us some good midcard matches that last at least 5 minutes. No more super squash matches please!! I understand the concept of squashes but holy shit 30 second matches!! Let the jobber get a little offense in and sqaush the bum in like 2-3 minutes. I remember back in the day when REAL NO NAME JOBBBERS would at least have a 5 minute match with good superstars.. I feel if they would use this 3rd hour to theirs and our advantage that everybody (well not everybody in IWC), but most people wouldn't mind the cheesy PG stuff as much if they would just let the damn wrestlers wrestle. seems simple to me. how about you?

    What would be the best way to use the extra hour?

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    I hope so because all the matches on this Raw ended up in less than 5 mins......

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Hopefully the midcarders will get more air-time and we can get a few decent matches that are atleast 7 minutes.
    It'll probably be an extra 30 minutes of commercials and recaps from the previous RAW.

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