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    Default This PG era does not suck.. IMO, & here It's why..

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    So I hear a lot of people saying that wrestling 'isn't what it used to be'. And whilst that statement in many respects is true, there are also some frailties within it. What we have on our tv sets is in many ways not the 'attitude era' but I will put it like this, if you watched WWE in 10 years time there will probably be a lot that you will miss from the product that we see today. It's very easy for things to look better in hindsight. It's only natural that you won't have the same feelings about the product as you did when you were younger. That's my opinion when taking a step back to analyse things. All be it there may be some parts of the show that aren't as hot as they were before, such as:

    -misuse of talent
    -lack of charismatic superstars
    -poor and repetitive story lines
    -& I could go on

    But there is also a lot good about it all & I don't think that necessarily altering the censorship will effect the product dramatically.. The foundation is still there & whilst everything needs some revamping in general, it's not all that bad. To conclude, I think we get lost in the oft repeated statement of 'PG Sucks' & fail to see that there is something there that has us tuning in week in week out.

    P.S. Some of the stuff they did with punk, for me was some of the best wwe I have ever seen. I wasn't entertained every single week back in the day. We just tend to hold on to the good times.

    Do you agree with what I said? Or..

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    You do have a point. I won't say that PG era sucks. But it's not as good as the atitude era.
    But it has got some twists and turns better than the atitude era.

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Not exactly the biggest fan of the current era but I do have to admit, clinging onto the past too much is no good. Would be boring if it was that way all the time and a lot of superstars wouldn't be able to evolve into what they are today.



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