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    Default Why is Paul Heyman a lawyer?

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    Why is Paul Heyman a lawyer?

    Yes I know his father is a lawyer, but don't you think creative would realize that Heyman isn't the best guy for that position?

    I just don't see the guy who made ECW, literally the guy who based his entire life against going against the WWE, the one who is against feuds like the one he is in, turn into a lawyer and represent the guy who does not give a shit about wrestling.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have him do ANYTHING else in the WWE? if he was there and available to use, at least use the character correctly, it just seems they brought him in because he is a surprise return, but when I see him it just feels wrong.

    I don't mind if some of you people don't agree with it, but I just hate that the two guys have to use someone else to get there own feud over with the fans, and it's still not really working. So it's a waste, it's a waste because Heyman could have used so many other ways then this, let me know if you agree, or if you feel he is in character after all, it's not just the lawyer idea, but who he represents, what he dresses like, how he talks, it's just what the hell happened?

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    Heyman is Brock's real life agent.

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    Because its widely known that he's a close, personal friend of Lesnar and already has the Kayfabe link to him based on Brock's previous run a decade ago. Also, Lesnar was in dire need of a mouthpiece (the contract signing segment showed everybody as much. Christ, that mic work was bad...) and it was the perfect fit.

    And you also say that Heyman's career was built upon going against the WWE and this renewed association with Lesnar and feud with corporate HHH allows him to continue with the reputation of fighting against the big company.

    He's not playing a lawyer either, he's just Brock's spokesperson and this requires him to speak a lot of legal terms due to the nature of the angle.

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    Heyman is the guy who founded and made Brock Lesnar....... and he is not his lawyer he is his representitive in the story-line.......

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