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    Default In my opinion, Smackdown has a better Mid-Card than Raw

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    You rarely see mid-carders compete on Raw, because half of the T.V time is used for the Main-Eventers.
    Plus, Smackdown's mid-card is fresh and made up of new and uprising wrestlers like Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesario, Jinder Mahal, and many more.
    In fact, the Main Event scene on SD is much more diverse compared to that of Raw, which focuses to much on John "Superman" Cena.

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    Well there is more chance of mid card focus given smackdown is the b show and not all the top stars appear on it.They have guys like Kidd,Huncio, Gabriel who cannot not get on the show and theses guys are great talents and would make the midcard worth watching alongside rhodes and christian.Hopefully now that the people power crap is over we get to see a couple of 10 minute midcard matches a week on smackdown.

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    Yes but u can't forget that they assume ppl who watch SD don't watch raw. Why else would they do so many video packages of what we've already seen... laziness?? So even tho cena doesn't appear himself, probably a good quarter of the show is video/promo about him



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