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    I remember it like it was just yesterday, a year ago was the debut of one of the greatest stables in the last few years. It was a group of the NXT Season 1 rookies invading Monday Night Raw's main event, coming out of nowhere to attack John Cena, CM Punk, WWE Staff and the arena itself. They held us to our seats and made us tune in into Raw week after week wondering what they had in store for us. And now The Nexus name is being used by a group led by CM Punk, a contestant from Season 1 of NXT and another contestant from Season 2 of NXT with some big buff guy CM Punk recruited.

    One year later, where are they now?
    -Wade Barret: In a group on Smackdown with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.
    -David Otunga: The only thing original about The New Nexus.
    -Justin Gabriel: In a group on Smackdown with Wade Barret and Heath Slater.
    -Heath Slater: In a group on Smackdown with Wade Barret and Justin Gabriel.
    -Darren Young: Competing in NXT Redemption.
    -Skip Sheffield: Hasn't been seen since he broke his ankle back in August.
    -Daniel Bryan: On Smackdown the only from the group(technically) as a Face today.
    -Michael Tarver: Last seen a few months ago making backstage appearances.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts of what is was then and what it has become now? Could you have seen them as the revised group they are now? How much longer can you see the group lasting and how do you think the group with come to an end?
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    If punk quits or doesn't renew his contract I see Nexus breaking up by July or September at the latest. With a group like nexus you need a strong leader I don't see it lasting for very long without Punk
    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.



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