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    Default NXT Power Rankings: Week of September 26

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    Welcome to the NXT Power Rankings of this week, let's look at this weeks Top 5 and special developments:

    1. Bo Dallas - His heel run is really perfect, better than you could expect when he was a face. His Dallas-Invitational will bring some big fire for sure as Dallas will most likely play a role in it by possibly interfering, and his feud with Sami Zayn will probably keep him on top for the next couple of weeks.

    2. Sami Zayn - The undisputed number 2 as his feud with Bo Dallas is already a high-quality act, NXT has became a must-see show since his debut. And while he has been banned from the Dallas-Invitational next week, he will most likely play a role too.

    Split 3rd. Sasha Banks and Bayley - Most likely this is a one week only, but their match was so good that they deserved this 3rd place, a match that if it would've took place on Raw it would really have the Wrestling world buzzing, but for now it took place on NXT.

    Split 4rd. The Ascension (Conor O'Brian & Rick Victor) - Their match in the Tag Team Turmoil against Enzo Amore and Big Cass was fun to watch, straight to the point, but fun. A solid tag team that should really stay in this role if they are being promoted to the main roster.

    5. Enzo Amore - This man is one that keeps people watching NXT, he's funny, high-energy and most of all just excentric. Outside the ring he lets his words do the work, in the ring he dances around like it's a dance party.

    Superstars and Divas who just missed out:

    Big Cass - Great support act for Enzo Amore.

    Tyler Breeze - The fans really love him.

    Aiden English - Sends a clear message, and also sings before doing it, that's what you call Entertainment.

    Paige - She lacks TV time.

    Emma - Same as what goes for Paige.

    Kassius Ohno - Glad to see him back.

    El Local - Ricardo Rodriguez is back on NXT!

    Renee Young - Queen of commentary, great duo with William Regal.

    JBL - Winner of the Week, now please introduce Singalong with the Wrestling God.

    The NXT Universe - A beautiful crowd, they make NXT.

    Match of the Week:
    Sasha Banks vs. Bayley



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