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    Lightbulb News and predictions for the gms,orton,ry-back and maria menounos.

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    -The accident on raw's main event is of course a part of the storyline,because the superstars at the near future will blame the Gms for failing to their roles.WWE may fire the old Gms and hire one for both shows.
    A heel one.

    -Orton wants desperly to become heel again. If my resourses are right,Orton will turn heel and hunt the WHC title before the end of the year.This will take place only If Sheamus have been the FIRST FACE and can CARRY the Smackdown.

    -Maria menounos returning to fight Eve.The WWE men are talking with Menounos for another one return
    to WWE,but this time as an opponent for the Champion Eve.Her return may happen before
    WWE SLAMMY AWARDS or after the Royal Rumble 2013.

    -Vince wants the best for Ry-back.At Raw a new story started with Ry-back and I-C champion THE MIZ.
    Vince wants Ry-back's career to go to the next level.So Ry-back is going for his first title hunt.And the
    Intercontinental title IS VERY POSSIBLE to be at Ry-back's hands before TLC 2012.

    thanks for reading.
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    Why maria menounos?? why a none wrestling actress? and why against the current champ? as if they had not enough Divas in the Roster. Oh no I forgot the half of them are busy with dancing and standing stupid at ringside while Matches!
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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