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    Montel Vontavious Porter, also known as MVP, became SmackDown's gem acquisition on September 27, 2006, when General Manager Theodore Long and Porter came to a lucrative contract agreement. The press conference was shown exclusively on (Watch the conference). MVP's

    Signing Porter was not easy. Despite the fact that he has yet to step in a SmackDown ring, MVP was hyped by his agents as "the most talented free agent in the game," and he was in high demand from organizations all over the sports-entertainment world. Despite Long's requests, MVP made it clear that he wasn't getting in the ring until a contract was signed, because as MVP's saying goes, "no contract, no contact."

    Porter is flashy and ****y, but he has been able to prove himself in the ring, picking up victories over such Superstars as The Big Red Monster, Kane.

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