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    the miz put on a great fight with randy orton but at the end he was the one getting pin
    randy orton may want to work out that injured leg before summerslam because sheamus may just take it out
    the miz is not to be out of this he is the money in the bank champion he can cash it in after the summerslam match and he so positive because all person whom have won money in the bank they become champions

    give me a thank if this was intresting

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    The Miz is one of the current wrestlers in WWE who is going to have a big future with the company. You can see that already, with the titles that he is being given.

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    ya right man ya right!!! i say too that when the miz cashed in his money in the bank contract he will may be the next wwe champion- AwSoMe!!! i hope that any one of the bouth tkae sheamus out at summer slam- randy orton or the miz take the the title away from sheamus cause sheamus is an asshole i hate him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! randy hoply take sheamus out and than the miz cashed in his money in the bank and u now what i try to say now... awsome the miz is the new wwe champion at summer slam... hehe

    thnx kevjahson

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    yeah i figured that too



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