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    Default Do you think they need to have MITB winners start failing to win the world titles?

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    Do you think they need to have MITB winners start failing to win the world titles?

    The whole thing started out as a cool concept, you get a badass ladder match and the winner get's a title match whenever they want. Edge ended up winning the first one. For almost a year we were left wondering exactly when he was going to make a go for the title. I think a lot of us were expecting his contract to result in a full-sized match.

    A fair few people probably thought the most logical thing for a heel to do is to ambush the champion right after an exhausting match for an easy title win. It was logical, but also sort of improbable. I mean, a heel authority figure usually desperately wants to have the face champion lose his title, but he very rarely ever uses his full authority to stack the odds in his favour. A heel GM in storyline can book non-stop title matches during Raw or Smackdown, but they don't, since it's just stupid.

    Then Edge actually went and did it, he did the smart thing and ambushed Cena with a title shot, ever since then, everybody except RVD has used their contract in the same manner. That's not the worst part, the worst part is that every single MITB winner except Mr. Kennedy won a world title as a result. Mr. Kennedy lost his title shot to Edge, Edge ended up being successful in cashing it in as well. In short, every MITB contract has been successfully cashed in for a title victory.

    It's worse than the Royal Rumble where you know the winner is "probably" going to win at Wrestlemania, at least you see some failures every now and then there. The obvious solution would be to have people start losing their title matches, but that comes with some drawbacks, particularly with the heels. One, it makes heels look incredibly weak if they can't win against an already battered opponent. Two, to avoid making them look weak, they would have to honourably cash it in and face the champion on even ground, which is very unheelish to do, it's already the established norm to go the cheapest route possible.

    I think they need change, but I also think they've shot themselves in the foot with this whole concept.

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    A heel doesn't have to win MiTB, you could give the briefcase to a face.

    1.) Give the MiTB briefcase to a lowcard, underdog face like Zack Ryder or Alex Riley. Character wise, they actually would do a legit cash in simply for the sake of getting another chance to perform on PPV. Have them put up a competitive fight, but ultimately lose. This gets the fans behind them waiting for the moment when they finally DO win a World Title.

    2.) John Cena. If you gave Cena the MiTB briefcase, he would definitely cash it in the honorable way. And if he were the first to lose, it would actually be an even more humanizing moment than losing to Rock or getting squashed by Lesnar were. Plus you legitimize whomever the champion is should they win, clean or not. Because they not only have a victory over Cena, they would be the first person to successfully defend the Championship in a Money in the Bank cash-in.

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