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    Post Mick Foley Explains Why He Is A Big John Cena Fan

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    Wrestling legend Mick Foley, who is rumored to be on his way back to WWE, went to bat for John Cena on Monday night, tweeting several matches endorsing the former WWE championís work inside the ring and his model behavior in the locker room. Foley tweeted the following on Monday night:
    ďI really enjoyed the angry, serious tone of @johncena . Might be about time more fans started recognizing his legacy of amazing matches.

    Sorry to disagree with so many of you, but go through your archives and look at how many good/great/amazing matches @johncena has had on PPV

    You may not like the character, but @JohnCena is a workhorse, and hasnít been in a bad PPV (that Iíve seen) in a long time. He CAN wrestle!

    Come on, someone find me a bad @johncena PPV. Heís been a part of classic stuff with regularity for years. Itís NOT just the opponents guys.

    Look, I was clearly more of an @WWE fan even when I was with TNA. I just call them like I see themÖand I see Cena favorably.

    I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone. Iíll grant you that his last Mania wasnít great, but his match with @therock will be.

    Good conversation, everyone. Remember when @johncena wrestled 10 minutes with Orton AFTER tearing his pec off the bone? THAT is HEART!Ē

    Foley also posted recent a blog on his website titled, WHY IS MICK A MARK FOR JOHN CENA?Ē Foley explained that Cena is one of the best workers in the business today Ė having great matches with everybody from world class workers like Triple H, Edge and Kurt Angle to big-man slugs like the Great Khali and Bobby Lashley. Beyond what he does in the ring Ė Foley said the main reason heís a John Cena fan is because Cena treats every wrestler on the roster with equal respect, something you donít always see in the wrestling business.



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