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    Exclamation Matt Hardy released from WWE.

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    Officially posted of his youtube channel (, Matt has finally been given his release from the WWE, over a year early from his contract.
    Matt says he has new priorities, outside of wrestling, one being The Hardy Show (The Hardy Show), and he may also be starting up his old promotional wrestling show OMEGA.

    What does everyone think about the 12 year superstar finally leaving WWE?

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    Even though I'm a Hardy fan... I must say that I'm quite happy that he's been released.

    WWE didn't treat him well enough after his feud with McIntyre. Which was in my opinion barely interesting.

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    he was never treated well..He could never have one the wwe title with his injuries..good for him.....

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    well he has certainly did a great job well done

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    He's hinted repeatedly that he'll be going to TNA. I'm not a fan of this, but maybe if he does, he'll get back in shape and expand his moveset.
    I could see him being good with suplexes etc. He just needs to get in shape first.

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    yep but first his foot will have to heal up quick

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