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    Default Match Types You Want To See Return

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    Today in the WWE we get usually the same gimmick matches. Matches like TLC, Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell, etc. There were a few matches that we have seen in the past that would be nice to see a quick return. Seeing the Ambulance match back was refreshing. I think WWE needs a few more gimmick matches to come back BUT not over doing them much like The Hell in a Cell. Matches I wouldlike to see a quick return.

    I thought of two matches I would like to see make a quick return.

    3 Stages of Hell
    What a fantastic match type this is. A perfect way to settle a grudge with someone. The match consists of 3 matches with each match being a different match type. First to win twice wins. Like I said before, if it was brought back AND NOT OVERDONE then I would LOVE to see a three stages of hell match. The match would have to be someone with alot of energy and willing to go 3 straight matches. You could have the first match a regular match, the next one a No holds barred match,a then maybe a steel cage match. This is one match type I would love to see make a return.

    Buried Alive Match

    To me it is the perfect time for this devilish match type to make a return with Kane "ressurected" It could have possibly made sense to have it in the Cena/Kane fued. If we see this match though it may need to be a time where Kane is going to go away for a while or even retire. Either way it is time for the Buried Alive Match to make a return.

    -Your thoughts? Discuss. And tell me some match types that you would like to see make a return.-

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    Both are great match types!
    I would like to see Parking Lot Brawls
    Remember Cena vs Eddie and Cena vs JBL

    Unfortunately PG sucks so much that even blood is considered a big NO!

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    Hardcore match involving Foley and Ambrose

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Completely agree with the 3 stages of hell I loved it and its an awesome way to settle a main event fued without a 30 minute long match, particularly between two guys who aren't the best in the ring. It offers variety and terrific entertainment value.

    Boiler Room Brawl: I loved this concept it was a unique spin on hardcore, felt intimate and was pretty brutal. I'm npt sure if this could be brought back with the whole PG thing but I'd love to see it.

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