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    Default Major Backstage Update: Kevin Nash & WWE

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    Kevin Nash will be at RAW this Monday and he is expected to be a regular character going forward. He will be doing a program with CM Punk which will culminate in the two meeting in the ring. This is supposed to give Punk a major name to work with that would put him over.

    Nash did not get a big reaction coming out on RAW, and the general feeling backstage is that WWE needed to do a better job explaining to the current generation of fans who he was. This was originally not a concern because of the much bigger reaction Nash got at the Royal Rumble.

    The backstage reactions to the back and forth between Kevin Nash and CM Punk were that Punk got the better of Nash and that Nash's comments came off as too inside.

    As noted earlier, WWE had instructed Nash to dye his hair black, but it may have already been dyed for his role in the Rock of Ages, where he plays Tom Cruise's bodyguard.

    Nash was able to get a verbal shot in on TNA during the back-and-forth with CM Punk. He stated that Punk looked like "a short order cook in a Pikeville Waffle House," which was a shot at Pikeville, Kentucky, one of TNA's best house show markets. Nash always hated being on the promotion's house shows and was never happy to be booked on them.

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