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  • Wrestlemania

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    Default What have you looked forward to more this year Wrestlemania or RAW 1000?

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    What have you looked forward to more this year Wrestlemania or RAW 1000?

    Im just wondering what people have been looking forward to more this year, (I dont mean in the history of Wrestlemania, JUst 2012).

    Wrestlemania is one of them things that you truly look forward to for a long time, from January onwards you start to get excited about the biggest day in Wrestling most likely many of our number one interest, passion or hobby.

    So its been a bit strange that I have been looking forward to this RAW 1000th just as much as I do for Wrestlemania, with months of build up I have been looking forward to this episode a lot.

    Mainly because the product has been very bad since Extreme Rules, with WWE treading water and padding out the shows and feuds trying to make it to this episode in which they knew they had big plans. Its rare for us wrestling fans that we actually get the big pay off as WWE obviously keep story lines and feuds going and leaving many un satisfied.

    Its a rare occasion when all your childhood heros combine with you modern day heros on a stage that is almost definitely going to have some mark out shock moments.

    When else can you in one night have a 3 hour show, with a reformed DX (possible more than 2 members), The Rock, HHH, HBK, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, CM Punk Vs John Cena WWE title, New GM, Many returning legends, Likely inclusions of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

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    For Me Normally it would be WrestleMania easily, but RAW 1000 looks STACKED!

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    Wrestlemani after 10 months lol so definately Raw 1000

    Edit - Sorry you were talking about this years WM...... I would say wrestlemania it's the biggest event in pro-wrestling

    It's Clobberin Time

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    I didn't even think about Raw 1000 until WWE started advertising for it, where as Wrestlmania i've been looking forward to for the whole year. Mainly because of The Rock's return, Undertaker Streak match and I was also looking forward to CM Punk and Chris Jericho's match as well. Raw 1000, will just be like all the other anniversary shows. Legends returning, backstage skits showing some sort of celebration party, memorable clips from past Raw episode and proberly at the end of the night, all the wrestlers will fill up the ring to end the show.

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    WM cause of the end of an era match

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    Raw 1000th...



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