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    Default What we have learned from the last episode of RAW

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    What we have learned from the last episode of RAW

    Last night we saw a lot of surprises and a tremendous return that we have been waiting for for a long time, the most important return was the return of Brock Lesnar , who sent a huge message for John Cena and the WWE universe by f5ing Cena.

    Also we saw the official return of Alberto Del Rio , the debut of lord tensai , an important speech from the rock about WM 29 and his intention to regain the WWE championship. If raw follows this technic, I think that the new wwe year which begin directly after WM will be huge.

    In quick points I will explain to you what we learned from RAW last night :

    John Cena VS. Brock Lesnar will take place sooner or later, perhaps it will take place at next year's WM .

    The rock wants to be a wwe champion which means that we will see the rock on T.V for a long time.

    Mark Henry VS. Punk and Sheamus VS. Del Rio might be the feuds in the near future, do not forget Jericho and Bryan who are already in the title picture.

    Daniel Bryan will regain his title soon because the fans are in his side these days yes yes yes !!!!!!!

    Lord tensai does not have a specific role that's why he wrestled alex riley .

    Brodus Clay might face a true opponent for example: Ziggler or swagger.

    What are your future expectations and what are your thoughts on the return of lesnar???

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    Agreed !!!

    I was thinking the same.....

    Also hoping to see Christian back.....

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Y2J will make Punk drink.

    Dont forget to say Thanks



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