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    Default Are they kidding us!?!?!?

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    Hey everyone!!
    NXT season two final I dont know if you recognise the mistakes or not but I did.
    wwe is getting worst unfortunateley those script writers started to realy suck!!
    First of all let me take you back to the episode that Percy Watson was eliminated.
    Do you remember his last sentences he said to Kaval that he is his favorite to win the contest and to be the next breakout star.
    The weird things..
    He said I think Mcguillycutty is gonna win thats the weirdo one
    and the other is he attacked Kaval are you kidding me!?
    now its the worst partits getting worst believe me!
    When the pros attacked the rookies to stop them A-Ri and Mcguillycuty came along but the thing is Riley attacked to Percy
    Then they stand at the same ring
    Are those script writers making fun of us or what!?!?

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    good point . i realize the worst scenario i have ever seen .



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