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    Default Kevin Nash Confusion

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    There was a lot of confusion over the Kevin Nash storyline.

    Kevin Nash Confusion

    If you're one of those wrestling fans who were confused over the Kevin Nash storyline last night, you're not the only one. Things backstage at Monday Night Raw were chaotic last night, with writers running around trying to figure out what's going on. Vince McMahon and his creative department simply could not come up with a storyline that was suitable, so they just threw something together hastily.

    Kevin Nash's Performance

    If you've followed wrestling for the last two decades, you'll know that Kevin Nash is one of the best mic workers in the business. He has a gift for gab, both on screen and behind the scenes. That's why so many people anticipated the confrontation between he and CM Punk on Monday Night Raw. However, Kevin Nash wasn't his usual self. He actually stuttered a few lines. We now know that he was given instructions at the last minute and had to come up with things on his own. The lack of preparations made things a bit more difficult than usual.

    Five Different Directions

    All the scrambling around backstage at Monday Night Raw was because the creative department couldn't decide between the five stories that they had available. The main thing that everyone was able to agree on was that Alberto Del Rio would not be the one that hired Kevin Nash to attack CM Punk. The remaining candidates are Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Laurinaitis. WWE is looking to surprise fans, so they might not go with the logical choices.

    One Week to Decide

    The good thing for WWE right now is that the writers have a week to try to come up with something to please Vince McMahon. The 24 hours that they had between Summerslam and Monday Night Raw simply was not enough time. From now until next week's episode, the creative department can come up with new candidates and potential stories to add. The belief is that even though the WWE Heavyweight Championship isn't on the line, CM Punk and Kevin Nash are the main priority right now.

    Closing Thoughts

    Last night was a bit of a disappointment since there was so much expectations coming off of Summerslam. Hopefully, they can fix this.

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    Nash e Laga ey

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    kevin nash > cm punk



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