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    Default Jim Ross Blogs: Return To RAW, Austin vs. Punk

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    Jim Ross posted a new blog on his website, and covered a bunch of topics. Below are some of the highlights:

    On his Return to RAW: "I arrived at the Hampton Coliseum after the matches had started Monday night and stayed on a TV crew bus until just moments before I was introduced by HHH. Sort of flew by the seat of my pants for the broadcast which keeps one of their toes. Bottom line is that I had a blast and can't wait to do it again next week even though I fully realize that Michael Cole won't make things easy at the announce table."

    On the Thesz/Gragos Museum: "BTW...if you're ever traveling and you can make it by the Dan Gable Museum/Lou Thesz-George Tragos Museum in Waterloo, Iowa make sure that you stop and take the tour. The facility has some cool memorabilia and one of a kind items that chronicle the history of the sport of amateur wrestling and the business of pro wrestling."

    On Austin vs. Punk: "Do I think an Austin vs. Punk match would ever happen? Same old story, never say never. Punk would love it and Austin likely would as well if all the pieces fell into place such as Steve's professional schedule, etc. I don't know the answer but right now I'd say it's somewhat of a long shot."

    My thought make it happen Austin v/s Punk and Cena v/s Rock will make it one of the best wrestlemania PPV

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    Austin and Punk would be good, but tbh no matter how hard I try I cannot get hyped for Cena Vs Rock, I'm not a fan of either of those guys, and tbh the only way that match could end well in my pov is a double tombstone.

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    Wreslemania 28
    rock vs cena
    austin vs punk
    what a wreslemania that would be



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