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    Default Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole fuc... annoy me.

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    Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole fuc... annoy me.

    How many times do we have to sit through this shit. Cole gets beat up, yay... who cares. Cole has got his commupence so many times, it's boring now. It's not even a good commupence like him getting thrown through a table or taking a bunch of finishers. It's lame ass punches and airplane spins and basically a waste of time. They always talk about "Be a STAR" and yet all they do to Michael Cole in storyline could be considered bullying in real life.

    And how dare WWE insult our intelligence by making it seem like we voted yes to this crap. Nobody really wanted to see it. Maybe the kids in attendence but I gaurantee you, the power of the IWC would testify against this rubbish if they actually showed us the real results.

    I'm just sick of it. Stop making the stupid commentators a focal part of the show. Because nobody wants to see it

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    I would have voted to see it. Plus the match was short and we got to see who the Anon GM was. Get over it.
    And please don't bring the IWC crap here.

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    I do agree with some of what you said. Cole has got his comeuppance, twice already. Atleast they only had it be a few seconds instead of the God-awful match at WM 27, but it still doesn't make sense to have to see Cole get beat up again and again for no reason.

    But, the power of the IWC? The IWC is the minority, always has been and always will be. WWE has never cared about the IWC.

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