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    Default Jericho leaving WWE after Summerslam

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    Chris Jericho's final date with WWE will be Tuesday 8/14, which would be a Smackdown taping in Austin, Texas.

    Jericho is not slated to return to the company in any capacity until he is done with all Fozzy promotional work and concert dates.

    Great to see he choose to put over Dolph before leaving.
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    NOOOOOOO!!!! I wanted to see more of face Jericho!!!!

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    Jericho leaving

    Why my favs leave

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Why? I want to see more of Jericho. Although if he made a decision to put over Dolph Ziggler, that was a great one. Dolph is the future and he is way too special to be a jobber or lower carder. Also I am hoping that there is a match between Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler. It is sort of like legend vs future.

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    Heel Jericho has been pretty boring, would have been good to see a longer face run from him.

    No doubt, he'll be back again in the future, hopefully as a face.



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