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    Default Why isn't there competition for WWE?

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    Why isn't there competition for WWE?

    Why isn't there competition for WWE?

    UFC doesn't count as competition because UFC and WWE are two different things.
    I am talking about a Wrestling company that should have emerged as competition by now.
    All you need is a rich guy to build a company up from scratch. How hard could it be?
    The wrestling industry is huge but it seems there is just one huge goal for wrestlers around the world and that is being signed by WWE.

    I don't see TNA as competition to WWE, in fact they have gone downhill since hogan's arrival in the company.

    ROH isn't competition and would never be competition to WWE. ROH is just a big fish is a small pond.

    What is needed for there to be competition for WWE?

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    Because the wrestling market is shrinking so why would you make a substantial investment in it?

    A large production budget and big names, the territories are now dead, and WWE doesn't even produce legitimate stars.

    TNA has been doing better since Russo's firing.

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    It's all about star power.

    75% audience pay to watch big stars only 25% are there who buy a ticket only to watch a good wrestling match and not big stars.

    This is also explained by the fact that TNA keeps using former Wwe superstars like Hogan and Flair etc to get more viewers.

    A new company won't even survive for six month without star power in the 21st century.

    It's Clobberin Time

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    If I were to start a new federation I'd use MMA talent with name recognition to work shoot style matches. I'd get the best workers from Japan I could hire. I'd hire the best workers on the indies as the base of my roster, there's a lot of great talkers. I'd hire WWE names and then squash them to put over my guys. I'd use popular music as the themes instead of creating my own, it helps put the talent over. I'd try to sign the best announcer possibly, JR would be nice. I'd try and get Heyman involved because he has so many fanboys people will take you seriously if they see him. I'd use celebrities, particularly celebrity athletes, Mike Tyson would be good.

    That's going to cost a lot of money with no guarantees.



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