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    Default Going over HHH. Does it happen?

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    A while ago I had a conversation with a fellow WWE fan about this and that. Then the subject of HHH came about and he talk about how he hated HHH be cause he's never lets anybody go over him in almost a decade, thus making him dull, predictable and a ****.(His words not mine) And when I thought about it, there is some truth to that. The most recent I remember was his beef with Shemaus. Even though Shemaus put him out of action for months, the end result was Shemaus getting his ass horribly handed to him upon his return to face Taker.

    So what do you guys think. Is it true? And if so, will it be a factor for his maybe match with Taker?

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    Got to disagree that he never lets anyone go over him since a decade. HHH did lost his match against John Cena at Wrestlemania and also the triple threat match on the next PPV against Edge and Cena.If he was arrorant he would have never wrestled the new comer Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Dx got taken out by Rated Rko in the storyline. After Wrestlemania 25 he lost his title to Randy. I think it was HHH vs Randy storyline at WM which gave Randy the biggest push of his career and I don't think HHH dominated in that storyline. Infact Randy's role was more dominating.

    I know many people hate HHH cause they think he is Vince's son-in-law so he tries to push other wrestlers back. But those are all just rumors or can be true even CM Punk stated that in their story line. But who cares they are never confirmed.

    As far as HHH vs Undertaker wrestling again this year. You can't blame him for it. In fact I started a thread 5 months before about HHH vs Undertaker. I always knew this would happen because Undertaker has Wrestled all top srars in the business. Only Cena, Punk, Christian and Jericho were left but Christian is nowhere and other three are in supposed to go against someone else at WM.
    So they have no option than to make Undertaker face someone who he has already faced before.

    I personally am happy that they choose HHH[or HHH chose himself] because I think it's guranteed that HBK will be involved in the storyline as the third competitor, special referee, or special guest inforcer. Or atleast he will cut some promos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tray View Post
    The most recent I remember was his beef with Shemaus. Even though Shemaus put him out of action for months, the end result was Shemaus getting his ass horribly handed to him upon his return to face Taker.
    First thing I was happy to see that happen. Thanks for reminding that incident. I loved to see the overrated Sheamus getting his *** beat down. The best part he wasn't a part of that years Wrestlemania. He was in a Dark match against D. Brayan which he lost.

    Now coming to the point. It should have not been surprising for anyone. In Wwe whenever a heel injures a face and takes him out of action then it's guranteed that the outcome of that rivalry will be the face returning and beating the hell out of the heel.

    A very fresh example is Randy vs Wade Barret rivalry. Old are Edge and Taker. Taker returned and choke-slamed Edge to hell in the Hell in a Cell match after being taken out by Edge. Randy and Batista is another example. Randy punts Batista on head and Batista returns and takes the revenge.

    I can give a future example too. That would be Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. Just wait for it.

    So HHH and Sheamus thing was quiet normal and of course predictable.

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    insideout is right.I can't describe it better.

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    Agree with insideout..

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