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    Default HHH Discusses Filming Inside Out, Stephanie's Reaction to His Kissing Scenes & More

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    Triple H spoke with The Miami Herald this week to promote his new WWE Studios movie Inside Out. Here are a few highlights:

    Stephanie McMahon's reaction to his kissing scenes:
    "When the kissing scene comes up, my wife just leaves the room. It would be very quiet for a long time. The [Triple H] kissing scenes donít go over very big in my house."

    Filming Inside Out:
    "Inside Out for me was a phenomenal experience because I worked with Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey, Julie White, Michael Cudlitz, Bruce Dern. Thatís a pretty heavy duty list of very good actors. For me, shooting scenes with Bruce Dern was never-wracking. Iím sitting across from Bruce Dern, shooting a heated scene with him."

    Doing movies and wrestling:
    "Iíve always said this. Itís never been my desire to necessarily go to Hollywood. When I did ĎBlade,í I was offered a three-picture deal with New Line [Cinema], and I turned it down because I didnít want to make movies and be a movie guy. I wanted to stay in the wrestling business. When [WWE Studios] offered me ĎThe Chaperoneí [2011] and ĎInside Out,í I said, ĎYes.í They were good projects, and the timing worked right. I had the time off."

    "If another thing comes along, and itís a great project, and I like the script, and I think Iíd have fun doing it, I would do it. But am I knocking on somebodyís door? Iím not calling up the guys who run WWE Studios, saying, ĎHey, guys, whereís my next movie?í If itís the right thing [with WWE Studios] and itís the right time, great. If not, Iím cool with that, too. Itís a fun thing to do on the side."



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