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    Default Big Show - HEEL turn, Good thing or Bad!!

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    Big Show is probably on his last run with WWE and the time was probably now for his heel turn.

    Do we like what he could produce now ? or do some fans still prefer him to come down as the gentle giant , put a hat on a kids head and play fair?

    I know Show and Cena has been done before, but Big Show has been a face for far to long and i must admit i like this heel turn.

    I think Big Show looks much better as a heel as he has ever looked as face. (Cena did a good job of selling his heel persona last night) People will probably say he is to old, but i think Show can be a great heel at least for 2012 and maybe help build some promising faces.


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    I agree with ya. I think show will make a good monster heel. I like how he's doing it too. It's like he is somewhat conflicted, but is at the point where he just doesn't give a crap anymore. He's sold his soul to the devil you could say.

    I honestly think this is going to be and enjoyable rivalry between him and Cena. Hell, he might be the one the puts Cena of the shelf for awhile. Cause Cena seriously need to rest.



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