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    Default Other things Heath Slater can say

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    Other things Heath Slater can say

    "I'm the one man band baby! I'm the hottest talent on Raw, do ya hear me? DO YA HEAR ME?"

    "Week after week, I've been embarrassed. You people must think I'm some sort of clown. DO YOU PEOPLE THINK I'M SOME SORT OF CLOWN?"

    "I'm the one man baaaaaand. I'm a one man baaaaaaaaand. I'll take you by the haaaaaand. ha-aaaa-."

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    I'm the one man band, baby, I'm the one maaaan band! I even have my cowboy hat on." *Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade*

    "My new album comes out in France, today!" * La Resistance*

    "I'm the evolution of this business." Flair and Batista

    The crowd would go ballistic.

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