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    Default If HBK did come back for "one more match"

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    Die-Hard Shawn Michaels fans still ti'l this day wants Shawn Michaels to wrestle "one more match" even in HBK's retirement from wrestling. The only problem with that beside's HBK being retired is who would Shawn Michaels wrestle in a match?

    It would have to be against someone who Shawn Michaels has never faced one-on-one. When HBK made his return to the WWE ring the first time going on ten years ago it was against his friend Triple H at Summerslam that year. And then went on to have his very first feud against Chris Jericho that came to a close at Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle, Washington.

    Last year on RAW when the WWE annonced Shawn Michaels as head of the class of the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame. HBK was interuted by Alberto Del Rio during HBK's in-ring segment. And then Shawn Michaels would super kick Del Rio in front of the live WWE crowd. So wasn't Alberto Del Rio suppose to be looking for revenge against Shawn Michaels?

    And the only way a match between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk could take place is if CM Punk went heel again. Bringing back the whole Straight Edge persona like he did on Smackdown two years ago. Claiming to be a "savior". Which HBK didn't take kindly to backstage at the time being a born-again christian. HBK and CM Punk never wrestled against each other one-on-one before. They could do what HBK and Kurt Angle did at Wrestlemania 21 in Hollywood and steal the show!

    HBK fans don't want to remember Shawn Michaels last match on the losing side, as well as the last two WM's HBK wrestled in against the Undertaker. So if HBK did come back for one more match. Who should it be against?

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    I personally hope that he doesn't come back for one more match. He has had an extremely long and successful career, there is nothing left for him to accomplish. In a business where no one stays retired, I hope HBK does, he deserves it.

    But if he did return for "One more match" there is 2 matches I would want to see, one being possible, the other being a long shot.

    The first is HBK Vs The Rock, these two have never feuded and would easily be in anyones top 5 wrestlers of all time. And apparently there is some heat between them since Rock felt he was treated badly by HBK when he was going through his substance problems. But these 2 could work magic in the squared circle.

    The other person I would like to see him face is Sting. Both born again christians but with an edge to them, Sting with his crow personality & mind games, HBK with his flamboyantness and willingness to cross lines. They are both excellent ring technicians and would mesh well with styles I believe. And there contrast in personality would only make things more interesting.

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