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    Default HBK Discusses Cena Being the Face of WWE

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    Shawn Michaels spoke with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca of the Busted Open show earlier this week. Here are some highlights:

    His feud with Chris Jericho causing the PG era in WWE:
    "Me and Chris (Jericho) would bury ourselves in the writer's room.....just continue to add and we didnít have any direction and I guess that my point, and I guess we just sort of said it ourselves and went from there. The process was phenomenal, thought the angle was phenomenal and truthfully we were the reason the PG thing came down and I bled like a stuck pig, there where people wanted to sponsor something and they saw me bleed like a stuck pig, they left and there was no more of that stuff."

    His reconciliation with Bret Hart:
    "It was very genuine. He and I, we had been texting each other. I canít give you a time frame. Some time before that you know me and Tyson Kidd were talking...Holy Cow! This whole thing needs to end. Tyson had passed his number along to me. And he and I had been texting, but not getting in to any detail, but we were testing the waters, like 'Hey, we can do this, itís been a long time and it sucks and its time to end to end it.' We saw each other at Raw, we asked each other, but we didnít talk about what we were going to do out there. But we did get to have a very long chat about everything and look the man in the eye and tell him I was sorry, for being a pain in his back side and it was very genuine. We have since texted one another, I think we will see each other again next week up in Stanford doing something. Itís been very nice and its been a great weight lifted off our was important to us and it was important to the people that saw it."

    John Cena being the face of WWE:
    "I think John does a great job.....itís gonna be impossible not to be partial to John. Because I like him and I like him because he is a good guy. He is the hardest working guy in that company. There isnít anyone who puts in more time then John Cena. The only thing that works against John, and I tell you this with hardcore guys just decided to dislike him."

    Staying loyal to WWE and the McMahons:
    "There where times when I was going through very tough times, just let me go, just let me go. He would say 'No, look you would be miserable, they wouldnít do with you what needs to be done. They wouldnít know what to do with you, and that fact that they put that kind of time in to me.' That was really the end of it, thatís why I always sound like a company man....its genuine, and I know the real guy, the real guy has cared for me a great deal, and no one is more committed to this business then he is. It was easy to stay loyal. When it comes to the rubber meeting the road, he is gonna still be in the game."

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    He is true player in the WWE world,He will rock.



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