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    Default Hall of Famer to appear at tonight's Smackdown taping

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    WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is advertised for an appearance at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Calgary. Hart will serve as the guest referee of the Randy Orton vs. Christian street fight main event. [Thanks to Dot Net reader Erin Luchia]

    Powell's POV: This is likely the dark match main event, as Orton and Christian have been meeting in Street Fights in other recent dark main events. In other words, there's no guarantee that Hart will appear on the show, though I think WWE would be crazy not to include him on the show in his hometown.
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    also this Post

    Just what will WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart be doing on Smackdown tonight? Hart has been advertised for an appearance in Calgary tonight where tapings of Friday Night’s Smackdown will be taking place at the Saddledome and rumours are circulating that his involvement will involve him appearing as a special enforcer for a dark mark match between Randy Orton vs. Christian in a Street Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Which of course is great for the live audience… but what does it mean for Hart on television? What do the WWE have planned here?

    Smith Hart, the eldest of the Hart family, wrote on his Facebook page today;

    “Boarding a flight to Calgary shortly. Hart Family in full force tonight on Smackdown.”

    Hmmm…. intriguing right?

    On Smackdown, one match has been announced so far – Mark Henry vs. Sheamus.



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