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    So with the news of Bruno S. refusing the headliner role next year, i have been intrested on who will make the cut next year & i made this list a list that i would be fine with & can see happening next year

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage by Ric Flair
    OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!, Randy Savage back in the early 90s was one of the biggest draws for WWE just along with Hulk Hogan & Ulitmate Warrior, just like today with John Cena, C.M Punk & Randy Orton (Sadly), Though he & Mr McMahon were on very bad terms (dont believe the he & Steph doing you know what rumors), Alot of the fans in WWE today dont know much about the Macho Man & having him headline the HoF would help that.

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts by Jimmy Hart
    Jake was a well known star, not a world champion but a upper midcarder act who people love, he may of been on drugs but the past is the past, let the Snake get his place in the HoF.

    ECW by Mick Foley
    They may of not been the biggest competion for WWE back in the day but they meant alot to the hardcore fans, ECW was home to the most hardcore wrestling legal in the USA & the place which stars there one day became stars of WWE such as Mick Foley, RVD, Dudly Boys & Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Paul Hayman on fine terms with WWE right now & he doing buisness with them, then maybe its time to give ECW a spot in the HoF.

    Bob Buckland by The Iron Shiek
    He may of been a bit of a joke in the 90s but back in the real days when he was known to be the 2nd longest champion, even till this day Bob Buckland is clearly HoF meteral

    Sable by WWE Divas
    Alot of haters on thos but you must understand Sable did stuff that kicked off the Attitude Era, she was the one who started the bras & sh*t, alot of fans hate this but in cases like this being in th HoF in someway is fine with me.

    Doink The Clown by Jerry "The King" Lawler
    He may of been a clown, but Doink was a character the the fans hated at first then loved, he made the kids cry meaning he was quite the scary character & in the end one of the loved, he was also quite good in the ring he should be in the HoF as Aaron Rift says, if Koko B Ware can be in it, then anyone can.

    Adrian Adonis by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
    Now 95% of WWE fans today prob wont have a clue to who this guys is but he was an alright star, dont know to much about him but as i said above if Koko B Ware can make it, anyone can - Aaron Rift

    Alot of guys out this year but you cant add alot of star power i one year, it was a mistake in 2004 & 2005 with alot of legends being inducted in the same year.

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