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    Post Goldberg vs. Crimson in TNA by the End of the Year?

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    TNA has been hyping and pushing Crimson for about eight months, his having won all of his matches, including an MMA exhibition against Double J in December and his defeat of three of Immortalís baddest men last Thursday night.

    Crimson is the top dog in the Bound For Glory Series and appears unstoppable.

    He seems destined for the top title of his company, despite the main-event presence of Sting and Hulk Hogan. Who does that sound like?

    Goldberg. Thatís who.

    An unstoppable force in WCW, Goldberg has won renown for his famous 173-0 streak, considered the second-most impressive unbeaten streak in history (behind the 15-year run of Andre the Giant). Goldberg is an icon in this business whether you want to admit it or not.

    When you look at it, Goldberg and Crimson are similar in many ways.

    Wrestling was a second career for both after a very manly first. (Crimson is an Iraq veteran, Goldberg was a pro football player.)

    Size-wise they are not too far apart as they are both in the 6í4"-6í6", 250-300 pound range. They both look the part and have notable tattoos.

    Both are actually good wrestlers, too, in spite of the basic assumptions.

    If you do not believe me, look here, where you will see Goldberg challenge Steven Regal in a near shoot match or here to see Goldberg challenge Glacier and show off his skills. Proof of Crimsonís skills can be seen here against Magnus.

    The obvious link is Vince Russo, who is trying to make Crimson into a new Goldberg.

    But, as my title suggested, he may not need to. According to Wrestling News World, a feud may soon occur.

    Crimson tweeted to Goldberg about his military experience, while Goldberg retorted by questioning who he was. Add this to Goldberg's stating that he will come back to wrestling soon, and we may get a confrontation between the two, which would be interesting.

    So, the question becomes, "What would the match consist of?"

    It would not be a mat classic, which I can assure. I doubt Goldberg would be up to it, and relying on Crimsonís ability to carry a match would be unwise.

    However, I don't think it'll suck.

    They have enough talent and strength to hobble together an entertaining, three-star match.

    I honestly think Goldberg would dominate most of the match, but Crimson would eventually win. This may seem unlikely to you, but I think Goldberg understands enough about the business to know that it would not suit TNA to have Crimson lose to him on the first go-around.

    Plus, it would be more interesting for Goldberg to chase for the win over Crimson, pushing Goldberg and getting him acclimated to all of the fans that have come in over the last seven years.

    But do I think it is a wise move overall?

    Honestly, no.

    It is pro wrestlingís dirty secret that TNA isnít well off financially, and this move would cost too much and not have the results TNA wants (a.k.a. ratings) because if Hogan couldnít cause a spike, no man truly can.

    But, we will see it; this is Russo we are talking about here.

    Let us hope for the best.

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