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    Default Generation Me Backstage Heat

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    Generation Me Backstage Heat

    As they're trying to jump from TNA to WWE, rumors of backstage heat on Generation Me has been spreading like wildfire. The real life brothers have been denying the allegation, but now three veterans of the business have spoken out against them. Wrestling fans now believe more than ever than the allegation of backstage heat on Generation Me are true.

    Generation Me vs Rob Van Dam

    Rob Van Dam made some comments during an interview about younger talents not showing the proper respect backstage. He also talks about how they refuse to seek advice from those that have been in the game longer. While he didn't mention any names, it was clear that he was referring to Generation Me. Of course, it only became clear because Generation Me took it upon themselves to answer back, even though wrestling fans weren't aware that they were the subject of Rob Van Dam's criticism.

    Generation Me vs Booker T

    Upon being granted their release from TNA, Generation Me decided to go try out for WWE. While there, they caught the attention of Booker T. Unfortunately, though, it was in a negative manner. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion revealed through his Twitter account that he felt disrespected by Generation Me. He said that they refused to introduce themselves when they walked past him on more than one occasion. He also brought up the fact that Rob Van Dam, a close friend, had issues with them as well. Finally, Booker T decided to take a jab at Generation Me's physical appearance. Not quite an endorsement from Booker T.

    Generation Me vs Goldust

    Goldust felt the need to chime in as well. He, too, felt that Generation Me would have served themselves a lot better had they been more friendly toward the veterans that they ran across in WWE during their tryout. He didn't go into as much details as Rob Van Dam and Booker T did, but it was quite telling that he would take the time to publicly comment on the situation.

    Generation Me's Chances

    It takes a lot more than talent to become successful in professional wrestling. If you've ever seen Generation Me performing in the ring, then you already know that talent isn't an issue. However, you have to build certain relationships if you want to get anywhere in the business. Rob Van Dam is still on good terms with Vince McMahon, so obviously his words are going to have some weight. Booker T is a commentator for WWE, while Goldust is transitioning towards being a member of the backstage crew. Their words carry quite a bit of weight in the company. Having those three strikes against them is going to hurt Generation Me's chances of being signed by WWE.

    Closing Thoughts

    Doesn't look good for Generation Me right now.

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    Thanks for this share man.

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    Thanks for the share. And I think like you that it doesn't look good for them.

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    Thanks AJ.

    I don't know why they are being so damn full of themselves, but they better show some respect and get thier act together if they want to do anything big with thier carrers.




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