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    Default Just a thought for a future feud

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    So i read DZSharmas post about Rollins joining Punk this Sunday at TLC. I think the consensus is that it wont happen, but its good for us all to have ideas. I had one and thought i'd share it here. I highly doubt it'll happen, but its fun to post here so i'm gonna

    I had a thought the other day of something that might be cool. Maybe post your ideas for future feuds below? Would be nice to see how creative Desirulez can be.

    So, at the moment we have Reigns obviously getting a little annoyed with his cohorts (Mainly Ambrose). Through the weeks there is increasing fracturing among the group, then something happens to bring them together. The Authority starts tightening up on them, maybe Vince gets annoyed with them or they accidentally hurt HHH or Stephanie etc and they Authority start pushing them around too much. This gives them a common enemy and the internal squabble gets external focus, they start disrupting Authority stuff. Real subtle at first, maybe they 'accidentally' let someone get away or get at HHH. Then they start getting more blatant.

    Enter someone who has had personal differences with the Authority before. An Enigmatic, Charismatic superstar who can convince us and the Shield that he can lead them to even greater things. CM Punk becomes a part of the shield, they openly oppose the Authority. Different people are brought in by the Authority with the promise of rising up the roster to counter the Shield, of course they all fail.

    Meanwhile, Bryan has been keeping the Wyatts at bay. Eventually the feud must end. It doesn't have to end in Bryan rising above them though. What if Bryan joins them? What would be so bad about that? Now we have a future story line set up.

    Now, the Authority is struggling. Superstars aren't afraid anymore. The Shield with Punk at the helm (but equal at the same time) has caused a near uprising and the Authority is at its weakest position ever. Who could they call upon?? The Wyatts arrive on the scene to face down the Shield. We all saw how that worked the other week. We loved it, Wyatts and Shield there together with Punk and Bryan. It worked so well, we saw the spark of something that could be great.

    Now we have a Shield Wyatt feud. This would take a couple of months. Now we're looking at Wrestlemania season. We all know that Cena will be the main event, i've come to terms with that. These guys can be the real fans actual main event.

    Wyatts (with Daniel Bryan) vs The Shield (with CM Punk) 4 v 4 Hell in a Cell

    If that doesn't tickle your fancy, have a couple of superstars interrupt and attack the Wyatts. Obviously the odds are now stacked against the Authority. Lets even the playing field, who has major beef with The Shield? The Brothers Of Destruction come out. Taker is feeling a wee bit groggy after beating whoever he has to face earlier. Its still the Phenom and the Big Red Monster.

    Maybe a bit big scale and possibly a bit late to start. And it'll never happen. But it popped into my head at work the other day so thought i'd share and see what you guys thought?

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    I messed up the names in my post lol. I meant to say Ambrose would help Punk out, not Rollins.

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    Well i think we all who are putting our views are forgetting next Ppv will be Royal Rumble every man for himself so i think all this splitting and tension between groups will start from there and probably either Shield will face Waytt Family or will face each other at Wm. Punk looks good alone rumors say he will face HHH at WM but i more hope he faces Bryan but either is cool lets see.

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