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    Default Who else marked out when CM Punk confronted Austin and pinned Cena?

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    RAW tonight was all CM Punk. He had a segment with Austin that was just epic. They teased a future confrontation too.

    CM Punk: "You just set into motion something that is going to change the landscape of wrestling"

    Also. I'm not going to lie. I jumped off of my bed when I saw CM Punk pin John Cena (almost cleanly!) for the one, two, three. It was definitely a huge moment for CM Punk this year. Especially after he got completely decimated by Orton this year. Its good to see Cena at least putting him over.


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    I ed i wouldn't call it a clean win I consird R-Truth 's encounter with that little boy outside interfince. if Cena hadn't been distracted the match would have had a different ending. beside punk contract runs out in july so it highly doubt full that he can get any "revolution" started in that much time
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    John Cena: You Can't keep a good man down.



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