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    Default Was Elimination Chamber 2011 a great PPV?

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    I watched the pay-per-view last night & i think it was a great great ppv.The smackdown and RAW both elimination chambers were awesome.In the both elimination chambers Rey Mysterio was most resilient man as everyone attacked him brutally but he lasted in that match and kicked out of a spear too.Also Capton Charisma returned and RAW elimination chamber was best of all.John Morrison did an incredible move in it.
    So now i m asking that did u like that ppv?
    i give it 85%, what is ur percentage of liking it?

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    İ dont like 2011 Elimination Chamber
    because John Cena in Elimination Chamber and i hate him
    i wish i am wrestler i can try broke John Cena ' s Neck and he will vever this like batista broke John cena ' S neck
    Raw elimination chamber % 40 good
    smakdown % 70
    miz %0.001



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