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    Default Edge To Retire?, + 4 Other WWE Talents Leaving?

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    We've noted several times in the past year that a WWE main eventer plans on leaving the organization once his current contract expires. The wrestler in question is Edge, who's deal runs out next year.

    Word is that Edge isn't enjoying being on the road so much, and that he has told friends that he could use a break after all of the years, injuries and rehabbing those injuries.

    With that being said, there is no confirmation that he will retire. Many wrestlers that have made good money discuss retiring at the end of their next contract, and either sign a new deal, or take a retirement that turns out to be a break.

    It should also be noted that four other wrestlers are looking to leave WWE when their contracts expire.

    Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    OMG !!! Edge going ... then what's left in wwe. Batista, HBK gone, HHH is invisible ... Cena's life is a living Hell .... what more ..

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    sol: all will be going man... WWE is Changing after wrestelmaniaaaaa...



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