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    Default Edge Says He Got Closure at SummerSlam, Talks About Never Returning & More

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    The Miami Herald has published part 2 of an interview with former WWE Superstar Edge. Here are some highlights:

    Participating in SummerSlam but not currently watching the WWE product:
    "Yes, but I still didnít watch anything. I went out and did my thing, and that was it. Actually, what that show did for me was really give me closure. When I went out there, I was like, ĎAll right. Iím good.í If that never happens again, Iím fine with it.Ē

    Returning for one more match like Steve Austin says he could be able to do:
    "I donít really want to think about it, and also the WWE doctors told me theyíll never give me clearance to do it. Itís not going to change. My spine is shrinking. So itís not like four years down the road itís gonna suddenly open back up, and in order for it to open back up, Iíd need to get surgery which would weaken my neck even more, which definitely stops me from ever doing it again.

    What doctors told me is they wonít clear me. Now, I think [Austin] has the same thing as me. So coming back he has to pass all that stuff, and if you canít pass it, they wonít clear you. Itís not a matter of, ĎAh, well maybe one more.í Well, maybe one more, if they clear you. Great, but they told me Iíd never be cleared. So that makes everything easier for me. It immediately got rid of, ĎI can come back for one more.í Itís like maybe I could, but they told me they wonít let me. So they took that all out of my hands. Itís funny because people have said, ďOh, OK, so youíre going to comeback for one more.í Itís like youíre missing the point here. I didnít retire because I wanted to. I retired because they told me I had to. Thereís a big difference there.

    Even the weekend with ĎSummerSlam,í I did an autograph session, and fans were asking, ĎWhen you coming back for one more.í You donít understand. They told me I canít. People will give you flack, and itís like, ĎNo, Iím not walking away from this to become an actor. I was told that they will not let me do this. ĎYouíre done.í No choice in the matter. ĎSorry.í

    Actually, it did make it easier that they said that because I donít have to sit around and think, ĎOK, well, they said I could sit out a little more, but thereís a huge risk. Thereís this. Thereís that.í They took the decision out of my hands. At first, I was like, ĎOh, what are you kidding. I can do this. I still feel pretty good. Sure, my neck hurts a lot, but I got a plate in it. What do you expect?í Well, when all of a sudden thatís taken from you, and you donít have that choice. For me, it really did make it easier, because I didnít have to sit down and go, ĎOKí and make any decisions. The decision was made. It was made by my body obviously but also by them.

    So I donít have any second guessing or that maybe in two years I can come back and do that one last match or anything like that. Yea, Iím done, and thatís all there is to it, and you have to accept it."

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