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    Default Double standards in WWE (tensai rascist comment vs A.W.'s rapist comment)

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    Is there some double standards in WWE

    Or is it just that they put more money into Tensai than A.W. and therefore released him

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    AW is nothing while Wwe has spend a lot of money to Tensai , if they release him he will get paid sitting at home .

    Another point is what Tensai said on Tout was not his words he was told to do so while AW's job I think is to cheer for his team from his microphone he is not given a script for what he is gonna say , so it was his words.......

    I think they should have suspended AW like they did with Jericho for kicking the flag .

    Firing him is to harsh .

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    Tensai sucks, beat by sin cara.. waste of money.. they should bring up ryback for atleast a #1 contender match since he is unbeaten.. just my opinion and i Agree with insideout that AW should not of been fired but suspended for a couple of months.

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    This is the last straw for me, I stopped watching Raw halfway through after WWE play ignorance and give no explanation for AW's disappearance, not to mention the obvious bullshit set ups and making certain wrestlers look like a pile of shit.

    Well, my choice now is to do the same to WWE, play ignorance, WWE is now dead to me, fed up of their bullshit...



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