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    Default Is Dolph Ziggler the new Shelton Benjamin?

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    Is Dolph Ziggler the new Shelton Benjamin?

    I've been thinking and the two have a lot of similarities. The talented young star-in-the-making who never quite makes it, despite getting a lot of big chances. I hope this doesn't happen, but it seems like he's headed down the same road as Shelton.

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    I don't really remember Shelton Benjamin getting any World title shots like Zingler. So I would say Zinglers condition is a little better than Shelton.

    To be frank I think Zingler is a performer and his condition in Wwe is not that bad like Hawkings or Zack. What I don't get is why Wwe has made such a lame match between Sheamus and Zingler which is the most predictable match of this year. Sheamus just beat Zingler 2 weeks back.

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    Ziggles reminds me more of Billy Gun when he was Mr.Ass....I really like Ziggles and glad to see him getting title shots, but come on we all know he won't beat Sheamus and then he will go right back to the bottom doing Tag team matches with Swagger against Truth n Kofi.....Sigh

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    we all know wwe won't make him won right now, so i just hope they make him lose because Vicky or Swagger and then he start a new feud to get ride of them!

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    m getting a strange feeling.. del rio was gonna win @ NWO so i guess DG will win somehow... i want him to win sheamus is boaring.. bring back the miz !



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