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    Default How to make Dolph Ziggler a main event guy

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    After watching his progression since 2009, in-ring performances and rapid fire delivery in underrated promos, I really feel that Ziggler could be elevated into a main event act. But it won't be as a heel because he's been booked too much like a midcarder for too long. Also, Vickie will hinder his authenticity. Management could do something similar to Punk last year by letting him 'shoot'. What I would do is:
    .Have him win the MITB.
    .Cut a promo in which he blasts management for making him a caddy and male cheerleader, and then giving him a pornstar name.
    .Declare himself Nic Nemeth - his real name.
    .Declare he will cash in his MITB briefcase at Wrestlemania 29 against the WWE champion, like Bryan said he would.
    .Ruthlessly dump Vickie in a controversial way.
    .Not change his 'show off' gimmick or demenour, yet have him feud with heels and win clean regularly. Change the heel on his attire to tweener.
    .Actually go through with it and have him win the title in New Jersey against somebody like Del Rio.

    Like Punk and Ambrose, the guy has got main event talent written all over him. He's just being booked wrong.

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    i think the same way as you do..

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    Pornstar name? I like it.

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    I would say make him go 1 on 1 with HHH next WM just like HHH helped to push Sheamus he should help Zinggler too........

    It's Clobberin Time



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