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    Default What Are they doing to Miz ???

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    What Are they doing to Miz ????

    They made him look like a local Jobber in that match against Cena

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    Not just Cena's match but also against Sheamus last SD and probably he would face and lose to CM Punk coming week or weeks.

    But he is not the only heel used as crap. Take Mark Henry. Last Raw he lost the tag match like he was a underdog. And the previous Raw from last Raw he lost to Sheamus within 6 mins.

    Dolp Zingler too is used like crap.

    The worst thing is they all deserve a good match at WM and so far we don't even know if they will be at WM.

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    I mean at the end of last year, mark henry didn't lose at all, or only because he was knocked out, and now he loses to big show's spear???
    The same with Miz: in his previous matches with cena, he always got out of his finishers and also kicked out of them, and now he loses within about 5 mins???

    I don't think it's right, to only let the (baby)faces win the last few weeks before wm, they should build up a big heel who is going into an important match (not only jericho, rock and triple h)



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