View Poll Results: Is Dean Ambrose going to be the next big superstar of Wwe ???

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    Default Is Dean Ambrose going to be the next big superstar of Wwe ???

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    Many people might know Dean Ambrose. He is soon to debut in Wwe ring. Signed by Wwe developmental program FCW, Dean Ambrose has worked some house shows and dark matches for Wwe.

    In fact he might debut at Over the limit or in future he might feud with Mick Foley.

    Do you think Dean Ambrose is going to be the next big superstar of Wwe ???

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Yes, because of his wrestling skills and his ability to cut great promos he is the next big superstar of Wwe.

    It's Clobberin Time

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    Look at all the part timers, they don't have many years left in the business.

    There's no question Ambrose is going to be a big star.

    WWE love them some "entertainers" and he has got the best mic skills on the roster.

    The edger creative let him be the more he is going to get over.

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    I Think dean ambrose is awesome on the mic, great in ring...his size may hold him back tho unfortunately.

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    I Love To See Mick Foley Back In Action

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