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    Default Dean Ambrose on Who Came Up With "The Shield" Concept

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    - WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose recently spoke with Phil Strum of The Poughkeepsie Journal. Here are highlights:

    Phil Strum: The Shield is one of the most successful acts in WWE in years. To you, whatís made it so good and whatís made it connect with the audience so well.

    Dean Ambrose: Weíre three guys who are very confident in what we can do and weíre not dilly-dallying around. We know how good we are. We want to go out there and really try to grab the bull by the horns. The way we look it, itís like this company is ours for the taking. The company wants young guys to step up and itís like ĎI donít care weíre taking over.í

    A lot of veterans and the office have wanted guys to have that kind of attitude. Weíre not afraid and weíre not intimidated. In our minds, we are the main event. Being fresh and being new, no oneís seen our faces before on TV. Maybe they knew me and Seth before we were on TV. Roman is a natural and he keeps getting better every day. We have so much talent and so much confidence in our ability. We came in and we were already on the level and we can already go.

    PS: Do you know who came up with the concept for The Shield? Was it originally supposed to branch off so much from the attack on Ryback or did it just grow sort of organically?

    DA: I can tell you itís been an ever-evolving process. I donít think we knew where we wanted to go. Every week, itís been a new idea. An on-the-fly idea. Coming out of the crowd was not a pre-planned, premeditated idea that someone came up with in a meeting room. Everything has kind of organically evolved. Instead of coming through the entrance way, we wanted to make a statement to people that what you see is not like every other WWE superstar, every other normal wrestler. It was done to separate ourselves. Weíre not like everyone in the back. Weíre completely different and more dangerous and something youíve got to keep your eyes on.

    Everything from the moves we do to the things we wear to the things we say, all of them have been on the fly. Weíre making it up as we go along. If something feels natural, we do it. If somebody says a good line, itís like, hey I like that line, letís go with it. Or someone does a good move, hey I like that move, letís do that again. Itís been an on-the job process. Youíre watching it unfold with your eyes as much as we are and I think thatís one of the exciting things for the fans.

    PS: What was it like being in the ring on SmackDown and staring across at The Undertaker?

    DA: Being across from The Undertaker is a very surreal experience. It felt like it must have been a dream. On the other other hand, this is a window thatís only open for who knows how long and how quickly itís going to close. You better take advantage of it. Iím not intimidated by any scenario, whether itís The Undertaker or John Cena or anybody. Weíre going to do this. At this level, itís kind of like the fight or flight kind of thing. All of us are kind of put in a position where you donít get intimidated by the magnitude or the pressure of it. You donít feel it. You feel the aura of The Undertaker. He has a presence. This is the most legendary guy youíre standing across the ring from and as big of an opponent as you can get. Itís like winning the lottery and Iím not about to not cash my lottery ticket in. You have ice water running through your veins. Youíre out of your mind. Itís funny. The musicís playing. The pyroís going off. Itís The Undertakerís music. But once the bell rings and you make physical contact, it starts to work and the world shrinks down to a 20-by-20 ring and itís any other match really and you have to stay on your game once the bell rings.

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