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    Thumbs up Daniel Bryan's Return!

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    After being released from the WWE for choking Justin Roberts (the ring announcer) with his tie (apparently this was too violent), Daniel Bryans has returned at Summerslam!

    And for all the time he was in the ring, he showed nothing but extreme talent. Far more than Cena had shown the entire match (of course it ended with a typical Superman Cena script, eugh, so stupid).

    The American Dragon, Daniel Bryan has returned, and hopefully he'll be a permanent face in the WWE. I've watched him wrestle in half a dozen companies, and can only say he is easily World Champion material.

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    i am really happy to see him back, no doubt he is outstanding wrestler....its look like he is coming for United State champion with Miz very soon

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    i agree daniel is good wrestler but he is not a elit wrestler i dont hope he is the future of wwe . i am sure he wont be a wwe champion or any other championship.he is good but better guys in the game



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