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    Default What next for Daniel Bryan after Punk Feud?

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    What next for Daniel Bryan after Punk Feud?

    Everybody is confident that Bryan is not going to win the WWE title (will he ever is another question) and its more then likely AJ will be put into another storyline with another wrestler. While Punk goes on to lose the belt to Cena.

    What about the American Dragon? WWE's Best in ring talent will he be thrown into a feud with an up and comer to put them over or into a feud with Cena when he wins the title ? Maybe Feud with or tag with Chris Jericho or will he simply fade back down to the card but still be given 15 minutes on PPV's cause they know he can put on a great match.

    Of the Three in this Punk/Bryan/AJ feud i fear Bryan might be the one to be put to the side.

    What Your Thoughts ??

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    Bryan will win the title at MITB, and a triple threat at Summerslam will take place, Cena/Punk/Bryan, with Cena winning.

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